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Cartidyss®, it also "wow" your hair and nails!

A recent user test revealed significant effects of Cartidyss® on hair and nails, as well as 94% positive reviews!

Cartidyss®, more than collagen

Let's start at the beginning : Cartidyss® is a type II marine collagen whose benefits have been scientifically proven at low doses for joint health (1g) as well as skin beauty (500mg).

But why do you think we say "more than collagen"?

The simple reason is that it's made up of collagen peptides and glycosaminoglycans (or GAGs for short). We obtain this particular composition thanks to the raw material we use, which is collected locally in France, and also thanks to our water extraction process (which respects the raw material and our environment as it is solvent-free).

Scientifically demonstrated benefits on skin

Since 2019, we have been heavily investing in Research & Development to demonstrate the efficacy of our ingredients, and we are particularly investigating the effects and mechanisms of action of Cartidyss®.

« Cartidyss® visibly reduces wrinkles and plumps the skin* »

A double-blind randomised placebo-controlled clinical study [1] showed Cartidyss® benefits on skin: it significantly reduces wrinkles (-25%) and smoothes skin texture thanks to its effects on the deeper layers of the skin. Cartidyss® significantly improves the dermis density (+38%), thickness (+10%) and hydration, and also improves the collagen structure.

And as we like to understand how things work, we decided to carry out a mechanistic study [2] which revealed very exciting results. 😍:

Cartidyss® metabolites stimulate the synthesis of elastin (+40%) and hyaluronic acid, helping to maintain elasticity, firmness and deep hydration; inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen degradation, suggesting a protective action of the collagen matrix; and accelerate healing.

What about our hair and nails?

Despite all these excellent results, many of you asked us about the effects of Cartidyss® on hair and nails. So we thought, who better to talk about the perceived effects than the consumers themselves? We launched a user test [3], and results are impressive:

  • 👱‍♀️ Improved appreciation of hair and nails after 1 month of supplementation

  • 🤩 94% positive opinion about Cartidyss® after 3 months

  • 👍 70% of participants would recommend Cartidyss®

  • ✅ Several claims validated



[1] Maia Campos et al, (2021)

[2] Wauquiez et al, (2022)

[3] Test d'usage sur les bénéfices beauté perçus par les consommatrices (2023)



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