Research and Development

The scientific advances open new ways for exploitation: marine lecithins, fatty-acids and omega3, peptides with biological activities, …

Research and development is essential for marine ingredients industries. Abyss’ always research new ways to develop news products and news technology.

Why ?

Because the global demand for high quality, healthy and sustainable marine ingredients is increasing, and the substantial volumes dumped into the sea from by-catch and by-products will in due time be utilized for this purpose.

Key factors in this context are :

development of new technology

documentation of health effects of marine ingredients

That’s why we highlight articles and reviews from scientific articles. Also, we constantly propose articles related to current events in our fields, which are also yours, to help you to build your offerings and to better understand the interest of marine ingredients for many areas.

You can find below our suggestions of the moment, and regularly, we compose our articles entitled “Article Abyss” which deal with topics that are important to us and help in synthesizing certain topics.

Contact us for more topics in scientific publications that may interest you.