Our Philosophy

We are committed to respecting different points, pivots of our business philosophy.

Abyss’ingredients, it’s not only the marine biotechnological ingredients production, it is also a virtuous circle centered around:

Patients & Health

Seafood is a healthy food choice for people of all ages. It provides key nutrients for infants and children and is a healthy protein source for adults. There are a lot of biologically active molecules with huge potential and there are evidences for the link between seafood and prevention of diseases.

Comsumption of seafood and marine ingredients is found to protect against lifestyle diseases that pose health challenges in most countries.

We have seen that seafood, especially oily fish, reduces the risk of CVD and cardiovascular events . For instance, individuals who consumed fish once a week had a 15% lower risk compared with individuals who did not consume fish.

There are also evidences for other areas and pathologies : rheumatology, inflammatory diseases, various forms of cancer, psychological conditions and cognitive decline, …

But there is still a lot of work and research to do, to provide more products and ingredients, for the patients and for the Health. It is a priority for Abyss’Ingredients.


Abyss is committed to producing products of high quality, cooperation between of highly qualified scientists teams, and a control of raw materials, from the traceability to the control quality.

All our technological approaches and preparation of production follow a process (extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, purification and identification, measures,…)

Adding value to seafood processing waste and innovation

Reviews and scientific articles demonstrates that marine-derived waste, fish, molluscs and crustaceans show major potential as natural sources of bioactive proteins, peptides and amino-acids. In particular, it highlights that marine-derived waste and shellfish contain significant quantities of structurally diverse proteins that could act as substrates for the generation of novel bioactive peptides.

Based on evidence of potential health benefits, marine derived peptides have promising applications as natural functional food ingredients or nutraceuticals.

Abyss’ job is to add value to marine-derived waste and to innovate.

Sustainable development

50% of the production of seafood from fishing are traditionally not exploited.

Actually, the question is : How to exploit the fish, algae and shellfish wastes better?

The entrails, flesh, and bones remains must be considered as by-products. Many molecules could be extracted and used for human health. Cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disease,… But also for animal heath and nutrition, and a lot of another areas of activity.

Knowing that fish resources are limited, Abyss’ links sustainable development and advanced biotechnology.