Peptidyss®: marine peptides for stress management

Natural and sustainable ingredient

Peptidyss® is made from fish by-products collected in local fisheries. We valuate these marine bioresources with a clean process of water extraction using a natural enzyme to produce our innovative and natural health ingredient.

Marine peptides with cognitive benefits

Composed of marine peptides, Peptidyss® is efficient for stress management and shows anxiolytic-like effects without side effects (as it is totally natural!).

Scientifically proven efficacy

  • Significant anti-stress activity
  • Diazepam-like effects (with no adverse effects)
  • Significant reduction of stress hormone secretion after a moderate acute stress
  • Modulation of stress-responsive gene expression

2 preclinical studies, 2002 & 2019

1 collaborative research project (VIPP), ongoing

Recommended dosage

1g to 1,4g/day