Innovative approach / VIPP - Very Important Premium Peptides

The VIPP project objective is to upgrade our Stress Management Solution by developing new generation of unique premium marine bioactive peptides ingredients.

Our goal is to identify and characterize, from our updated bio marine complex ingredients, specific bioactive peptides for stress management properties.

Our innovative process is managed through fruitful collaboration with expert partners and Universities.

Our dedicated and committed team will manage the following steps:

  • genomic peptide characterisation, by Protim Inserm Rennes
  • developing efficacy new test methods by CRisPharma St Malo
  • new encapsulation technics, by Capsularis Quimper  
  • upgrade production process by IDMer Lorient
  • IP management and new product launching by Abyss Lorient

The objective is to launch a new product from the VIPP project by the end of 2021. 

Our very innovative VIPP project is supported by Region Bretagne and Feder EU.