Innovative approach / BrainBooster

BrainBooster is an innovative, scientific and sustainable project which aims to develop health ingredients for healthy aging cognitive health. The total budget of this three year program is above 2,7 M €.

Abyss Ingredients R&D team is leading this new product development project.

BrainBooster innovation is taking advantage of undervalued marine byproducts to develop an innovative marine biocomplex ingredient : “We chose the sardine because, in Brittany, it is the fish with the best nutrient inputs, it’s not an endangered species and there isn’t a bioaccumulation of heavy metals, as the sardine is at the beginning of the food chain”, explains Alexis Mehaignerie, Abyss Ingredients’ CEO.

In this way, it also includes sustainable development with eco-friendly processes. 

This bio complex ingredient extracted from the sardine aims to improve cognitive health of seniors such as stimulating the memory capacity. 

The objective is to delay ageing effects both for humans and for pets.

This project is definitely a step forward as it will generate new scientific knowledge with patents pending. This will carry out inventory of knowledge on raw materials and also on the economic level by creating jobs among the partners.

Moreover, BrainBooster project is still ongoing with various actions such as the optimization of the extraction process, the preclinical trials on small animals and a human clinical study.