Innovative approach

Research and Development are the key pillars of Abyss Ingredients as the company’s philosophy is based on science and innovation. The unique goal of our R&D team is to offer innovative and effective products from marine bioresources.

Abyss Ingredients continually develops its range of natural ingredients research-based and proved by science and works in synergy with marketing, scientific, academic and research partners to nurture its innovation approach.

Innovation pipeline

Two collaborative research projects are already underway:
Project BrainBooster (FUI) to boost cognitive health for seniors,
Project VIPP (Brittany Region -Europe Feder) for stress management.


BrainBooster is an innovative, scientific and sustainable project which aims to develop health ingredients for healthy aging cognitive health. This bio complex ingredient extracted from the sardine aims to improve cognitive health of seniors such as stimulating the memory capacity. The total budget of this three year program is above 2,7 M € and supported by FUI funds.

Project VIPP


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The VIPP project objective is to upgrade our stress management offer by developing new premium marine bioactive peptides ingredients. This collaborative project is supported by the Brittany Region and Europe Feder funds.