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New partnership: Abyss opens up to algae based bioactive ingredients

Following the launch of their partnership in September 2021 for the distribution of Cartidyss® in North America by innoVactiv, we are taking the turn with the distribution of InSea2® and IodAID™ in selected European territories.

innoVactiv & Abyss Ingredients : shared values

Science, expertise and sustainability are key pillars for customer satisfaction according to us. This is the reason why we are both focusing our development on natural marine and science backed-up bioactive ingredients. With the distribution of InSea2® and iodAID™ in Europe, we are "greening" our portfolio and entering the metabolic health and micronutrition markets.

Several studies have shown that InSea2® improves all components of metabolic health, a market segment that is expected for great growth.

Metabolic syndrome, what is it?

The metabolic syndrome is the association of a high waist circumference (visceral fat) with, at least, two others of the following disorders:

  • Hyperglycaemia: around 5.3% of French people are being treated for diabetes, and half of all diabetics worldwide are undiagnosed.

  • Hypertension: 30% of French adults suffer from it.

  • Excessive levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides: this affects 20% of French people.

​​ In France, one person in five is affected by metabolic syndrome, and the number of cases is increasing due to our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.[1-2].

InSea2®, natural marine ingredient for metabolic health maintenance

InSea2® is derived from sustainably harvested brown seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean and is composed of polyphenols, fucoidans and alginates. Polyphenols have been shown to improve blood glucose response by inhibiting the digestive enzymes amylase and glucosidase. Fucoidan is known for its action on blood lipids and for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Finally, alginates can contribute to optimal body composition, through their effect on resting metabolic rate and by delaying gastric emptying.

8 études cliniques confirment l’efficacité d’InSea2® qui, combiné à un régime alimentaire sain et équilibré ainsi qu’à la pratique d’une activité physique régulière, peut contribuer au maintien de la santé métabolique en favorisant une fonction glycémique et insulinique saine.

8 clinical studies confirm the efficacy of InSea2® which, combined with a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity, can help maintain metabolic health by promoting healthy glycaemic and insulin function.

And what about micronutrition?

Despite our efforts to eat better, reaching our full daily intake of vitamins and minerals is difficult. Various parameters explain these nutritional deficiencies, including the decrease in the micro-nutritional density of foods, the seasonality of harvests, the regional availability of foods, consumption habits and individual specificities. IodAID™ is a concentrate of micronutrients derived from wild brown seaweed co-products. Its richness in iodine gives it applications on energetic metabolism and on hormonal, cognitive and skin health.

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