Areas of activity

In a global context of marine biological resource overexploitation, a better upgrading of fish and shellfish biomass is a challenge for the 21st century. One of the main and promising issues will be the production of marine bio-ingredients.

That’s why we are specialized in production of new ingredients for industry and cosmetics, using biotech applications, utilisation of fish by-products.

Every day, we try to have a complete range, through our areas of activity :
Health / Cosmetics / Nutraceuticals / Nutrition
Therapeutics areas include :

Joints health

Metabolic syndrome


Cardiovascular protection

Digestive health


Skin health

Brain health

Indeed, intake of seafood and marine ingredients has been associated with the improvement of health.

Abyss’Ingredients offers a range of products specifically suited to the demands of the market and gives you the opportunity to have a dedicated development department at your disposal to answer to your customers’ requirements.