Abyss Ingredients


The biotech marine company Abyss Ingredients was founded in 2004 by visionary fish processing professionals from Brittany France. Their objective was to develop and produce value added ingredients from wasted marine bio resources from the fish industry. 

Although Abyss Ingredients’ is based in France and makes 2/3 of its business overseas. A future growth is expected from Asia and North America. In the end of 2018, GO Capital and MerInvest will join Abyss Ingredients adventure by adding significant equity and capital funds, in order to increase and sustain Abyss Ingredients development through heavy investment in R&D, innovation and sciences. 

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Mission and values

Abyss Ingredients philosophy is to improve wellness with natural healthy ingredients, scientifically proven.

We want to share our values with our customers:

Expertise and quality made in France for customer satisfaction and finished product efficiency.

Always engaged in an innovation process respecting sustainability with eco-resources.

Team spirit and human skills with our colleagues and partners. Authenticity in all we do and say.

Our engagements:
science & sustainability

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Efficiency proved by science

One of Abyss Ingredients’ priorities is to further strengthen its scientific research in order to expand its offer. All our solutions are backed by science with a strong scientific evidence.


Sea is a treasure of life but its resources are limited. That’s why Abyss Ingredients combines sustainable development and advanced biotechnology, by extracting added value ingredients from marine bio resources by-products. 

Our team expertise

Our highly qualified team manage quality control and full traceability of reliable ingredients in innovative products.
Quality is one of our main commitments, through the whole process from research to production to distribution. For customer satisfaction, Abyss Ingredients has set up specialised and successful team working together in tight and close cooperation.

Our Scientists

Highly qualified biologists and biochemists are in charge of the marine ingredients production with a motto : innovation and quality.

Our Technicians

They are essential to the smooth running of the production process, they know the requirements in terms of quality and regulation.

Our Sales Managers

A dedicated team who is at your disposal to advise you and assist you in your projects

Our Innovation-R&D team

Our R&D spends time looking for novelty so as to offer you a larger range of natural health products.

Our Marketing team

Specialist in health and in marketing, our team packages and promotes our scientific innovations.

Our partners

Thanks to the sharing of the technical center with our main partner ID MER, we are even more efficient. know more >

Project Manager, PhD

Pierrick NIOCHE
Quimper’s Production Operator

Sales Manager

General Manager

R&D Manager

Project Manager

Customer Service & Admin. Manager

3-year-training Operations Engineer

Quimper’s Production Manager