[Corporate life] Reviewing 2021

Another one in the past.

We have a look back on the crazy past year with you. As for many of you, it has been a very busy year (and we like that)!

Let's rock for science (again and again)!

Science remains a priority for Abyss Ingredients. As you may now, our aim is to demonstrate the efficacy of our ingredients to reassure a public sometimes wary of dietary supplements efficacy. And this involves every link in the chain! At Abyss, we believe that we all have a role to play in the image that dietary supplements project, starting with the ingredients producers!

Thus, as every year since 2019, 2021 will have been rich in publications, studies and projects. A quick summary:

Cartidyss® and joint health

In 2019, we conducted a preclinical study evaluating the effects of Cartidyss® on joint health. The results were very satisfying and, therefore, we decided to launch a clinical study to confirm these first results. In April 2021, we presented the significant results of this clinical study in our very first webinar. You can still watch the video on demand!

The icing on the cake is that the preclinical results were published in March 2021 in Food and Nutrients Science[1] and in collaboration with our partner for these two studies, Artialis.

Cartidyss® and skin beauty-within

Also in 2019, we led a clinical study to evaluate the effects of Cartidyss® on skin beauty (yes, it’s a 2in1 ingredient!). We presented the results to you in 2020 and they were published in Molecules last year, in partnership with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Sao Polo[2].

Cognition: the segment in which Abyss is particularly invest

In 2021, the work of our colleague and newly PhD in Nutrition (congratulations again!), Mathilde Chataigner, was published twice! The first article is about the benefits of Mnemosyss®on age-related neuroinflammation[3] and the second one is related to the effects of Mnemosyss® on cognitive performance[4].

Mathilde also defended her thesis about the impact of Mnemosyss® supplementation on neuroinflammation associated to age-related cognitive decline. Her work was part of BrainBooster project, which collaborative project gave rise to our brand new ingredient Mnemosyss®.

Julie Le Faouder, our expert in proteins and peptides, completed an interesting study about the effects of Peptidyss® on protein modulation. Her results are in line with previous studies and confirm that Peptidyss® helps to reduce stress, anxiety disorders and their harmful effects in the long term, thanks to its action on genes[5] and proteins involved in biological processes essential to stress management. Another publication is to come 😉

End of the BrainBooster project

The launch of our new ingredient Mnemosyss® on last October during Vitafoods was also the culmination of BrainBooster collaborative project.

🔬 5 years of collaborative research

📋 1 patent

👩‍🎓 1 thesis

📰 3 scientific publications 

👴 1 clinical trial ongoing

“Mnemosyss® is the result of collaborative work carried out throughout the FUI BrainBooster project. Therefore, we would like to sincerely thank all our financial, academic and industrial partners, for their investment in this beautiful project since 2016.Elodie BOUVRET, R&D Manager at Abyss Ingredients

The end of BrainBooster is only the beginning of a new adventure for Abyss: our new ingredient Mnemosyss® !

What about the commercial side?

Development of the new ingredient means new launch!

THE news of the year was the launch of Mnemosyss®, our new patented ingredient dedicated to age-related memory disorders. The first product launch for Abyss in over 15 years: quite a challenge for the team!

It was a great surprise and honour to receive the Innovation Award from Business France, Bpifrance and Club PAI at the FIE in Frankfurt on last December for this new ingredient! A nice award of all the job done during this last 5 years!

A short anecdote: it is “thanks” to the first lockdown during spring 2020 that we found its name. Oh yeah! While we were seaking since several weeks for a brand name, Julie had a revelation while teaching her History lesson to one of her daughters. The lesson was about the gods and goddesses of Greek Ancient Time. We’ll give you a hint: Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory. Once customised with Abyss’ style, the thing was done!

👆 FYI, she is Mnemosyne

Launch of our first ever webinars

In April, for the very first time, we joined the world of live webinars to present the clinical results of Cartidyss® on joint health. It was an opportunity to put our R&D girls “at your service” to explain our proprietary scientific results. It seems we liked it bacause we did it again for Cartidyss® effects on skin and more recently, to introduce you Mnemosyss®. All replays are available on demand!

We staffed the team

Mathieu joined Claire and the rest of the team in Brittany for a training which was initially supposed to last 2 months, but which finally lasted 5 (Thank you, Covid). Fortunately, Brittany is the best region in the whole world! And Mathieu finally managed to get to Thailand where he joined our partner Chemico. He is now happy to be Abyss ambassador for South East Asia area and completely at your service.

New partnership with InnovActiv

We officialised our partnership with innoVactiv for the distribution of our ingredients, starting with Cartidyss®, in North America. This collaboration is the natural continuation of several months of discussion but also shared values:

👩🔬 Science: the mission of our teams is to develop and market ingredients dedicated to the nutraceutical and nutricosmetic markets with clinical proof of efficacy
🤏 Differentiation: our clinical studies and the sustainability of our marine ingredients allow our clients to formulate innovative products
🧐 Expertise: scientific expertise, knowledge of the North American market and knowledge of production processes
🥰 Wellness & Healthy-ageing: natural marine ingredients to improve your daily life!

Finally back to offline events

We were so happy to meet everyone face to face at Nutriform, Vitafoods and FIE! And we can’t wait to see you again: we have already booked our 2022 agenda, if all goes well:

5, 6 & 7 April: part of the team will be visiting InCosmetics in Paris

10, 11 & 12 May: only 6 months after the last show, let’s get back in Geneva for the Vitafoods.

7, 8 & 9 June: See you in Antibes for the NutriForm

15 & 1 6June: we will be the following week with our partner and friends Trades at Nutraceuticals in Barcelona

21 & 22 September: Mathieu will be visiting Vitafoods Asia in Singapore

2 & 3 November: Claire / Alexis are looking forward to the Supply Side West, Las Vegas!

The team continues to grow (and have fun)

The R&D team has continued to grow this year, in order to better satisfy our clients with more and more science, projects and proof of efficacy. Sterenn and Mathilde have “definitively” joined us on permanent contracts and on December 1st we welcomed Camille who is working with Mathilde in Bordeaux on Optimyss® project (another name found by the R&D team, very inspired girls!). Optimyss® is the continuation of BrainBooster project and aims at the continuous improvement of our ingredient. Nothing will stop us!

And if you hear that we are not having fun at Abyss, don’t listen:

What about 2022?

More and more clinical studies

Our R&D team never stops, so we have launched 3 clinical trials which are ongoing. Here is the timeline to remember:

March 2022: results of the evaluation of the biological effects and mechanisms of action of Cartidyss® on skin

April 2022: results of the effects of Peptidyss® on sleep, stress and anxiety

Q1 2023: results of the effects of Mnemosyss® on memory

Launch of Optimyss® project

As mentioned above, this project is the continuation of BrainBooster project. For continuous improvement, we wish to continue investing in Mnemosyss®. Optimyss® aims at evaluating the dose-effect of Mnemosyss® and to optimise its extraction process.

Their opinion about Abyss

Mathieu Ziéglé, Area Sales Manager

“My experience at Abyss began with a warm welcome in Brittany during a month of May that was supposedly “exceptionally rainy”. Although the team is scattered over several locations, I immediately felt that there was good cohesion between the different professions (R&D, production, sales, etc.)

I was supposed to be based in Vietnam with our partner SMARC, but because of the sanitary situation, I was finally “sent” to our partner CHEMICO in Bangkok.

I had no doubts about the quality of the Thai welcome and indeed, since I arrived, the whole CHEMICO team has been at my service to integrate me and help me on a daily basis.

Although 9800km separate us, the link that connects me to the whole team in France is still as strong as ever: the almost daily contact with the team members is even more encouraging.

At the beginning of 2022, I first of all hope that the health situation will stabilise so that I can physically visit my customers. On the other hand, the scientific team is doing its utmost to provide proof of the effectiveness of our ingredients, which will certainly satisfy our customers.

A big thank you to the whole Abyss team and especially to Claire and Alexis for their trust.”

Camille Mougin, R&D Project Manager

“I am very happy to join Abyss Ingredients R&D team! Like Mathieu, I was given a very warm welcome with a visit to Brittany where I was able to meet all the staff. The team dynamics and cohesion are strong points at Abyss !

I will be based in Bordeaux at our partner Nutrineuro to work on Optimyss® project. Mathilde (whom I’ve met again after years of engineering school) has already ensured my integration and a good understanding of the issues to be addressed. 

In the new year, I hope that the scientific team will continue to build on its success and that its commitment to continuous improvement will help to provide further evidence of the effectiveness of our ingredients.

Thank you to the whole Abyss team and especially to Alexis and Elodie for their trust.”

We wish you all an amazing year 2022 and hope to continue to work together with you!