Mnemosyss®, the new patented marine ingredient that prevents age-related cognitive decline

Mnemosyss® is the result of 5 years of collaborative research and development, and has demonstrated its effects and mechanisms in the prevention of age-related cognitive decline.

At the origin, an observation

World’s population is ageing: forecasts predict that the number of people aged 60+ will more than double by 2050, rising from less than one million in 2017 to 2.1 billion1. This is becoming a major economic and health issue. Unfortunately, ageing is accompanied by inconveniences such as wrinkles, mobility issues and… cognitive decline. Cognitive decline is memory troubles linked to neurobiological changes that naturally appear with age: chronic inflammation (our brain overreacts for no good reason), neuronal alterations (our brain produces less neurons), or dysregulation of the stress-response system (we stress for nothing). In short, we age, so does our brain, which is no longer as efficient as it was when we were 20.

Of course, you can have a regular physical activity, train your brain (☝️ crossword team at breakfast!) or try to control your stress and sleep (a particularly complicated exercise!) but we all know that it is often easier said than done!


BrainBooster, the collaborative project to prevent cognitive decline

The sad reality of cognitive decline has brought together 3 Breton industrial actors and 2 universities around a research and development project. The well-named BrainBooster is a collaborative programme launched in 2016 with the aim of developing a natural marine ingredient to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Preventing through nutrition, rather than enduring ageing (since we cannot avoid it); an interesting strategy!
These 5 years of research have enabled the development and scientific back-up of Mnemosyss®. This new ingredient is derived from marine by-products, collected from local fishing industry and manufactured using a gentle, solvent-free process, which preserves the ingredient’s elements of interest and respects the environment.

The cherry on the cake is that Mathilde, our project manager hosted at NutriNeuro laboratory in the University of Bordeaux, has carried out efficacy tests which have demonstrated the benefits of Mnemosyss® on cognitive decline.

Mnemosyss®, a patented ingredient backed-up by science

Mnemosyss® is a fish hydrolysate naturally composed of low molecular weight marine peptides and Omega-3. These nutrients have demonstrated, separately, their effects on memory2, neuro-inflammation3 and anxiety4 but few studies have evaluated the benefits of the combination of these two components. And this is the interest of BrainBooster project, which leads to the development of Mnemosyss®.

During these 5 years, our new PhD in Nutrition has studied the effects of the natural association of marine peptides and lipids on cognitive health and has demonstrated the significant efficacy of this hydrolysate:

→ Prevention of memory disorders
→ Limitation of the neuroinflammation and facilitation of the resolution of inflammation5
→ Improvement of stress-response and reduction of anxiety disorders3

This research has indeed shown that, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving effects on inflammation as well as its effects on improving stress-response, Mnemosyss® protects memory and significantly prevents age-related cognitive decline.



Figure 1 : We can conclude that Mnemosyss® protects memory in the short term as the supplemented individuals recognise the new arm whereas the control group does not.

Mnemosyss® is a patented ingredient (WO2021/019093). Its composition which naturally combines peptides and marine lipids, its application dedicated to the food supplement market and its scientific back-up make it innovative!


Focus on the cognitive health market

Earlier this year, we talked about the booming of food supplements dedicated to cognitive health. A quick reminder of the figures:

→ 5 key segments: memory, attention and concentration, mood, sleep and healthy-ageing and longevity
→ Growth forecast at 8% per year until 2025
→ North America is the market leader and rather mature, Asia-Pacific is experiencing the strongest growth (+11.8%/year). Europe seems to be following this trend.

In short, this market is growing. The population ageing as well as the current context are increasing the consumption of food supplements that prevent or improve the management of cognitive disorders. Admittedly, France is a bit “behind” compared to the American or Asian markets, but demand is growing and the market offers good prospects!

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