Abyss Ingredients & innoVactiv, new commercial partnership in North America

The publication of the clinical results of Cartidyss® on skin beauty in Molecules few weeks ago is the opportunity we have been waiting for to formalise our partnership with innoVactiv for the commercialisation of our products, in particular Cartidyss®, in North America.

Collaboration, our key driver

Abyss’ team is very happy to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with innoVactiv for the distribution of Abyss’ Premium ingredients in North America. innoVactiv is a Canadian supplier of science-based dietary ingredients servicing clients in over 15 countries.

This partnership arises from common drivers: science, differentiation, expertise, people well-being and aging. These have brought innoVactiv and Abyss Ingredients closer over the past few years. Our collaboration begins with the introduction by innoVactiv of Abyss’ first clinically-tested ingredient, Cartidyss®, for supporting optimal skin structure and its youthful appearance.

What our (lovely) bosses say

“The development of sustainable marine ingredients has always been the mission of Abyss Ingredients. Cartidyss® was born out of years of research showing the superior ability of fish-derived collagen peptides to enhance connective tissue health. Proprietary human clinical study has concluded that Cartidyss® could help support healthy skin and biophysical function, while reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin texture. With their strong background in science-based cosmetic and nutrition ingredients, we felt innoVactiv was the ideal partner to help position our ingredients in North America” said Alexis Méhaignerie, CEO of Abyss Ingredients.

innoVactiv has been heavily involved in marine ingredients, notably with our flagship ingredient InSea2® derived from brown seaweeds. Introducing a superior option for a collagen ingredient has always been on the scope for us and we felt we have found the best collagen ingredient available with Cartidyss® from Abyss Ingredients. Not only is it coming from a sustainable marine source, which we like, but also brings tangible benefits for a number of skin health applications” completed Patrice Dionne, CEO of innoVactiv.

About innoVactiv inc.

innoVactiv’s mission is to develop and supply innovative health ingredients with scientific demonstrations of efficacy and safety for the food, dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industries. Its clinically-supported ingredients InSea2®, Myoceram® and Cartidyss® have been showed to support key structures and functions that are at the heart of healthy aging.

Manufacturers located in North Amerca which are interested to learn more about Cartidyss® are invited to contact innoVactiv for samples, prices and qualification documents or can attend the coming webinar planned for October 19th.



More information to come soon!