Abyss social and environmental commitments for a sustainable development

Since its creation in 2004, Abyss Ingredients has given priority to environmental, economical, social and sustainable concerns.

Our commitments for society

We develop and produce natural, sustainable and innovative health ingredients to answer a major social and health issue: population aging. 

These ingredients have been developed to answer specific physiological needs: cognitive decline (memory troubles, stress management, sleeping disorders) ; mobility (bones and joint health) ; skin beauty.

Our commitments for sustainability

We develop high-value-added ingredients made from local fishing by-products which are, still today, not much valuated.

We only use by-products (never fish fillets) and do not ask our fishing partners to catch particular species according to our needs. We source the raw material we need according to its availability in terms of quantity, quality, fishing areas (FAO 27, FAO 34), seasons.

Our commitments for local economy

We source our raw material in France, mainly near Breton small fishing actors and our production lines are located in Bretagne (Lorient and Concarneau). We also work with European industrial partners. 

In addition, we are engaged in a local project based on “Cop” system called “Breizh Cop” (Breizh being the Breton name of Brittany). This project has been launched by Region Bretagne. It aims at supporting and accelerating the climatic, ecological and economical transitions in the French North West peninsula.

Our commitments for quality

The development of our natural marine ingredients has been based on scientific publications. But since 2019, we invest in our own clinical and preclinical studies to demonstrate the efficacy of our premium ingredients.

We select our raw materials very carefully and require only food grade raw materials. These materials are analysed at each step of our process in order to ensure the quality of the final ingredients.

Our commitments for ecology

The first step of our process is to mechanically clean the raw material. Once done, we proceed to a water extraction of the marine bioactives. We never use any solvent or chemical products, at any step of our process and so, we do not generate polluting waste.

Abyss aims at combining innovation, circular local economy and sustainability to develop its ingredients, and will aim at continuing in this way. These pillars are part of Abyss DNA and values shared by all Abyss team.