Happy old man with board - Cartidyss joint

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Join the very first Abyss’ webinar and learn more about the clinical effects of Cartidyss® on Joint Health.

A growing concern

Bone and joint care is a global and growing concern. Indeed, according to the latest estimates, 1 in 3 people aged 18-64 have arthritis. Arthritis and joint diseases severely impact quality of lifepain brings sleeping disorders, limits mobility and avoids normal physical, professional and social activities.

Abyss Ingredients led an exploratory clinical study to evaluate the effects of Cartidyss® on mobility and joint pain.

Cartidyss, an answer to consumers' expectation

Abyss Ingredients not only brings an efficient joint care solution, but also answers the growing demand for natural and sustainable products. Indeed, Cartidyss® is made from local fishing by-products (West of France) through a gentle and eco-friendly process of water extraction, with no solvent.