[Portrait] Mathilde, our neuro nutrition researcher

As today, R&D departement represents almost 1 on 2 people at Abyss. Since two years and as we are convinced that science is the future, we heavily invest in research and development.

Mathilde is a PhD student in neuro nutrition, part of this R&D team and more specifically focusing on BrainBooster project. She will make her viva voce tomorrow!

How did you join Abyss?

I actually started studying medicine but unfortunately, I did not pass the first year. As I have always been interested in biology, I decided to do a 2-year degree in Biological Engineering with a food processing option. I entered a School of Food and Nutritional Health Prevention Engineering with a double degree in Biological Pharmaceutics of Ageing in Paris. This is how I joined Abyss: I did my end-of-study internship at Abyss in partnership with NutriNeuro laboratory in Bordeaux as part of the BrainBooster project. It was the very beginning of this project at that time! One thing led to another and I embarked on a PhD in Nutrition and Health with the same partners and continue working on this collaborative project.

What is the subject of your thesis, and what is its objective?

Be ready, my thesis is entitled “Impact of marine-based active ingredient supplementation on neuroinflammation associated with age-related cognitive decline”. I’m going to defend it tomorrow, on March 30th! This will be the culmination of 3 years of research for BrainBooster project. Its aim is to develop a natural marine ingredient dedicated to age-related cognitive decline. My mission is to scientifically demonstrate the effectiveness of this new ingredient in preventing neuroinflammation and cognitive disorders in the elderly. I have conducted several preclinical studies which have led to the publication of a scientific article. A second paper has just been accepted and a third is in preparation.

Why this particular subject?

It’s a fascinating subject in which I feel very involved. What I like the most is to have my own project to manage combined to the practice of scientific manipulations. I like to understand how things work and even more when it concerns our bodies.

What is next, after your thesis?

I will start with a well-deserved holiday! And then, as my collaboration with Abyss is going well, I will (re)join the team as a Project Manager, PhD🤞. My role will be to continue to provide scientific evidences for the various ingredients that Abyss offers. Moreover, I will continue to work on BrainBooster project as we are launching a clinical study to validate all the data we have obtained so far!

To put it in a nutshell

We all enjoy to work with Mathilde, she has good vibes and we are glad she continues Abyss adventure with us!

Mathilde is an important element for Abyss: she is behind the scientific proof of efficacy of our brand new ingredient which should be commercially launch at fall 2021. A great challenge awaits her after her thesis viva voce, including the launch of the BrainBooster clinical study!

Stay tuned!