Dietary supplements which take care of our cognitive health: a growing market

As a matter of fact, world’s population is aging. And the preservation of our cognitive functions is therefore becoming a major social and economic challenge. Improving our ability to learn and focus, slowing down our cellular aging, but also, due to the current sanitary context, improving our stress and sleep management and our mood becomes essential!

Prevention by activity and… nutrition!

We all know that good brain activity can help fight against Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease and more generally against age-related cognitive disorders: stress, memory loss, lack of attention… And this is because our brain functions, like a muscle, needs to be constantly solicited and trained.

A cerebral activity therefore, but not only! As the DW Documentary’s “Better brain health” shows, a lot of research has shown that our eating habits have a direct impact on the health of our brain. “We are what we eat.” Nutrition and the consumption of dietary supplements can therefore greatly contribute to the prevention of cognitive disorders, and this is a growing market!

A booming market!

The nutraceutical market dedicated to cognition, it is 5 major segments: memory, concentration, mood, depression, sleep, and well-aging (of the most complex organ of our body: the brain).

As shown in the graph above, the memory enhancement segment represented, in 2018, the majority of global sales of cognitive health dietary supplements with a market share of 26.1% followed by attention/concentration and mood.

Market study led by Irisco for Abyss Ingredients

In 2019, the market amounted to 4.5 billion dollars and growth forecast is estimated at 8% every year until 2025. A great opportunity therefore, to be seized if possible!

North America, the leader in this segment, accounts for around 40% of global sales, closely followed by Asia-Pacific (32% market share) which also has the highest expected annual growth rate estimated at 11.8% over the period 2020-2025. Next comes Europe with 20% of market share.

While the French market is still shy, it should follow European and global trends, moving towards an increase in the consumption of products for improving cognitive performance. This trend could be influenced by socio-demographic changes (aging of the population and consequently an increase in age-related cognitive disorders, even neurodegenerative diseases) and by the current epidemiological context (stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc.).

For which consumers?

First of all, seniors. With age, cognitive disorders can appear and with an aging population, this category of consumers will only increase. Preventing age-related cognitive decline is even becoming a major economic and social issue!

Secondly, more than 5% of students consume psychostimulants in order to increase their concentration, improve their learning abilities and reduce memory loss due to fatigue and stress.

Highly solicited in their personal and professional life, active people also want to keep their cognitive functions at their best and are fond of dedicated food supplements.

Each of these categories has different objectives but nevertheless have one thing in common: to prevent cognitive disorders to improve their quality of life.

What ingredients to care about our cognitive functions?

Gingko, bacopa, omega 3, vitamins or certain minerals? These known and recognized ingredients are widely used, particularly for the relevant health claims they make benefits on packaging and thus seduce certain consumers.

So how to innovate and differentiate from the others on this market?

The addition in formulas of an ingredient of which efficacy has been pre-clinically or clinically demonstrated must allow you to differentiate from the existing offer and at the same time reassure the end consumer about the effectiveness of the product as well as its safety!

To put it in a nutshell

The cognitive health market is growing rapidly. The aging of the population and the current sanitary context are increasing the consumption of dietary supplements to prevent or improve the management of cognitive disorders. Even if France is “behind” compared to the American or Asian markets, demand is growing and the market offers great prospects for the future!

A market to focus on!

This market study was led by Irisco on the behalf of Abyss Ingredients.