Food supplements, our allies in stress management!

You will have noticed, 2020 was neither usual nor easy! We take a look back on this incredible year (which is not over!) And we give you our feelings and our projections for the weeks and months to come. In all modesty, of course, this is only our point of view.

The increasing trend of natural health products

The year 2020 has been marked by profound changes. The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has made us rethink our relationship to the essentials;  our health but also that of our loved ones, our lifestyles, and our food in particular are put in the foreground.  62% of French people say they have paid more attention to their health and their diet since the start of the Covid-19 crisis and there has been a 29% increase in the consumption of food supplements compared to the same period in 2019.

This increase in the consumption of food supplements is explained in particular by a desire to consume more products . Thus, consumers will prefer the alternative of dietary supplements rather than a drug solution when possible, and thus correct or even naturally control the imbalances of daily life. Immunity vitality, sleep, stress, digestion, 92% of consumers use dietary supplements to meet their health expectations and 68% now believe that drugs could be replaced by soft drugs / dietary supplements.

According to Valentine Cabanel, a naturopathic pharmacist, “Pharmacy is also evolving along with the French. New generations of pharmacists are aware of the adverse effects of drugs and want to find solutions adapted to the current situation and the expectations of the French.” 50% of consumers use them because they are natural products and the remaining 50% use them to avoid taking medication when it is not necessary.

Prevention (through nutrition and natural products) rather than cure (through medication) therefore.

The boom of the stress/sleep application

Nearly ¼ of consumers say they have the goal of improving their stress management. This trend has naturally increased with the health crisis we are going through. Nearly 6 out of 10 people worldwide reported suffering from stress directly related to Coronavirus. Too much stress can lead to other inconveniences such as insomnia, irritability, blues, difficulty concentrating… We must then act because these symptoms, which are harmful to our health, can lead to more serious chronic disorders in the long term: hypertension, anxiety disorders and even depression.

To better manage this stress, a balanced lifestyle is essential: regular physical activity, balanced meals and set times, going out, getting some fresh air, seeing friends and family… In the most complicated periods or for people who are most prone to stress, relaxation exercises can also help you let go and regain balance and a normal state of relaxation. 

However, letting go is often easier said than done! This is when nutrition, and especially the intake of food supplements, comes into play. This solution can help to better manage and limit stress by also preventing its collateral effects such as sleep disorders: relaxation through nutrition!

In Abyss’ crystal ball

“Dietary supplements, or as our Quebec friends say, “natural health products” will continue to develop in the coming years provided they meet consumer expectations, namely: natural, sustainable, quality and above all scientifically proven. Of course, products concerning stress and sleep management must also respond to these issues.” Alexis MEHAIGNERIE, CEO.

“The demand for natural health products can only increase. And beyond that, I think consumers want more than just a natural product. They want to take care of their health and their bodies while taking care of our planet. The new generations in particular want to reduce their ecological footprint, consume local products sourced with respect for our environment. This is exactly what we do at Abyss, it’s part of our DNA! What we want, our primary mission, is to take care of the health of our seniors – but not only that! – by promoting co-products of local fishing”. Claire LE GRAND, Sales Manager