New clinical study shows Cartidyss significantly improves skin health

Take care of your skin from the inside!

Collagen and skin ageing

Collagen is a major component of our skin and is responsible for the cohesion and resistance of the tissues. Unfortunately, collagen synthesis by human body decreases from the age of 25y.o. and the exposure of our skin to both internal and external factors which induce the formation of wrinkles, appearance of brown spots and thinning of the skin.
Thanks to its specific and unique composition, Cartidyss ® can play a role the skin ageing (to slow it down of course!).  Cartidyss® is composed of collagen peptides and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are responsible for maintaining our skin structure and its properties (hydration, mechanical properties…).

Collagen peptides + GAGs: the winning combination for skin health?

New clinical study shows that after 90 days of Cartidyss® supplementation, at low dosage (500 mg/day):

→    Significantly improves dermis density (collagen matrix)

→   Significantly reduces skin wrinkles

→   Improves skin flexibility

→   Tends to improve dermis hydration

→   Tends to reduce the size of the pores

And these results have been perceived by women supplemented!

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