Abyss Ingredients: an eco-friendly firm

Climate change will impact our ecosystem and especially our oceans. This is the reason why Abyss Ingredients is committed to develop eco-friendly products from marine bioresources. Its mission : to provide the best of the sea to consumers, while reducing the waste of the fishing industry.

An endangered marine world

Ocean protection is today one of the most important concerns worldwide.

Indeed, the global population is significantly growing and so are the needs in resources. An inaccurate management of these resources, including marine resources, would jeopardise future stocks and resources of fish in our oceans.

The overexploitation of marine resources and the induced depletion of fish stocks are directly linked to overcapacity of the fishing fleets. This could have irreversible consequences on marine ecosystems: extinctions of species, disruption of the food chain (some species will disappear and other more invasive species will proliferate).

Due to the complexity of implementing a common global resources management policy, Abyss Ingredients among many other companies are developing eco-friendly strategy that aims at minimising these consequences.

Abyss Ingredients, an eco-friendly firm

An eco-friendly company is an organisation that takes into account environmental impacts in all decision criteria.

This commitment concerns all aspects of the company: regulation, product development or marketing strategy. While the majority of economic and agri-food industry players have not yet initiated the transition to optimise by-products, this is the essence of Abyss Ingredients. Indeed, the company was created in 2004 in Lorient by two fish processing players whose main goal was to develop and produce high value-added ingredients solely from the local fishery industries by-products. The recycling of these by-products from the local fishery industries makes the optimisation of marine resources and a decrease of wastes.

To go further and develop new bioactive ingredients, Abyss Ingredients invested 1,5 million euro at the end of 2018. This enabled the company to hire a PhD in proteomic as part of a long-term project to identify and characterise bioactive peptides for specific and dedicated health-improving applications.

Sustainable development and advanced biotechnology

Inspired by the oceans, Abyss Ingredients extracts the best of fish by-products and develops well-being and healthy-ageing solutions which efficiency is proven by scientific publications, preclinical and clinical studies: highly bioavailable peptides, collagen and nutriments dedicated to the dietary supplement industry, including beauty-within.

Optimise marine by-products to develop healthy-ageing solutions

Therefore, the company invest and develop its expertise in bioactive peptides through two collaborative long-term projects:

VIPP aims at identify and characterise bioactive peptides in Abyss products for a better understanding of their effects and mechanism.

BrainBooster aims at studying the impact of marine-derived products on age-related cognitive decline prevention. Here, the objective is to improve the life comfort and well-being by preventing cognitive ageing effects.

Product range development perfectly matches Abyss ambitions : being innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable by optimising local and regional fishing by-products in order to develop new ingredients dedicated to well-being and healthy-ageing.

To confirm proactive sustainability commitment, Abyss took part in the so-called Breizh Cop regional project which purpose is to gather the regional players to prepare and organise the ecological, economical and environmental transition.