Peptidyss® new preclinical study for stress management

Abyss Ingredients just completed a preclinical study and got enthusiastic results which demonstrate the efficacy of its Stress Management product Peptidyss®.

Feeling overwhelmed by stress

According to a recent study led by Gallup, you are just like a third of people worldwide. And it is not going better!

In the US for instance, the number of people who declared to feel stressed increased from 46% in 2006 to 55% in 2018.

As a result, the stress management supplements market significatively increased since 2017 and is, according to Goldstein report, still expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2,3% during 2017-2025 period to reach $16,7 billion USD by 2025.

To respond to this growing demand, Abyss Ingredients offers Peptidyss®, an ingredient extracted from marine bioresources and which bioactive peptides help in stress management.

But, why marine bioresources?

Our ancestors already used marine resources in feeding and medicine. Indeed, historians found traces of Garum, a fermented fish sauce very appreciated in the Roman Empire for its positive effects on health and well-being.

Perhaps this is the reason why in the famous comics “Asterix and the great crossing”, Getafix (Panoramix), who is out of fresh fish to make the magic potion, asks Asterix to go fishing… When History inspires fiction!

Archeologists discovered Garum production sites all over the Atlantic facade but the biggest one was found in Douarnenez, south Finistere, Brittany, which is very close to Abyss Ingredients location!

Peptidyss enthusiastic preclinical results

Before talking about solutions to help in stress management, maybe we shall explain and define what is “stress”.

The stress could be defined as a state in which homeostasis is threatened by internal and external factors. Because human beings are living systems, our organism will try to maintain this equilibrium by behavioural and physiological responses. One of the mechanisms involved in the stress response system regulation is the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. When people get stressed, several hormones among cortisol are secreted and will protect us against dangers. Cortisol is called “the stress hormone” because it helps the organism to react when people are exposed to an acute stress and plays an essential role in different metabolisms. High cortisol levels could lead to serious consequences on the metabolism malfunctioning regarding appetite, sleeping or in worst cases the apparition of chronic diseases like obesity or depression.

Peptidyss solution: results of our first preclinical study (2002)

The first preclinical study (2002) led by Abyss Ingredients was to assess the Peptidyss® anxiolytic-effect, in the defensive burying model in rats.

A control, several Peptidyss® doses and a benzodiazepine (Diazepam) as a comparison, were tested in the same conditions of oral administration. Thanks to recording data, a global anxiety score was calculated for each animal.

Abyss Ingredients demonstrated significant anti-stress activity of Peptidyss® at 300 and 600 mg/kg (rat doses), with a Diazepam-like effect at these doses, but without the adverse effects of a benzodiazepine.

Peptidyss solution: results of our second preclinical study (2019)

In 2019, Abyss Ingredients decided to move further in its study and led a second preclinical study on Peptidyss® to evaluate its anti-stress benefits on everyday life stress situations.

This new study was conducted on mice model, submitted to a moderate acute stress. Peptidyss® or control were orally administered every day for one week before the test. Corticosterone secretion, the equivalent of cortisol in humans, was followed at different time periods after the stress.

Abyss Ingredients latest study reveals that Peptidyss® supplementation at 300 mg/kg (mice dose) significantly reduces the corticosterone secretion when it is at the highest level (30 min after the stress), compared to the control group. This suggests that Peptidyss® helps to prevent the deleterious effects of high corticosterone level and to assure a faster back-to-normal of homeostasis.

In light of these new encouraging results, Abyss Ingredients will continue its research by enlarging its knowledge about the stress response system and its mechanisms thanks to the genetic expression.

This study is part of one of our long-term scientific programs VIPP project, which is dedicated to the identification and characterization of bioactive peptides, in this case for stress management application.