Abyss Ingredients boosts its Innovation

Abyss Ingredients shows this year its strong ambition to develop the company, its expert teams and its products portfolio. Discover here the interview of Elodie Bouvret, the new manager of the R&D department. She will share with us her vision for Abyss Ingredients innovation, and what the biotech has planned to ensure a successful solutions pipeline.

Could you explain your scientific approach?

Today, Abyss Ingredients focuses its efforts in scientific research to offer by tomorrow, more innovative active ingredients with a demonstrated efficacy. We have the drive to be at the cutting-edge of science by participating into scientific breakthroughs in order to expand our product offer, in the best way to meet our customer’s needs.

How does Abyss Ingredients manage its innovation process?

The Innovation is an essential and strategic driver for Abyss Ingredients development. Our mission is to provide safe and efficient Health and Nutrition solutions with demonstrated benefits for healthy aging. Abyss Ingredients commits to creating added values through its innovation process but also to ensuring quality and sustainability.

Our natural ingredients are made from specific marine bioresources, by a team of experts included scientists and technicians. Abyss  Ingredients’ expertise was also built through closed relationships with its partnerships, such as technical centers, universities and industrials. Together we are stronger and we all contribute to the development of innovative products.

What are your ongoing projects?

We are currently working on various collaborative projects with our industrial and academic partners ! Among them, we have two ongoing projects : BrainBooster and Very Important Premium Peptide (VIPP).

The BrainBooster project was launched by three companies, Abyss Ingredients, La Maison Chancerelle, Diana Pet Food,  and two french research laboratories, LEMAR (University of Brest) and NutriNeuro (University of Bordeaux).

BrainBooster‘s ambition is to develop innovative, scientifically and clinically proven healthy ingredients partly for the nutraceutical market, and especially for the healthy aging segment. This project combines “product” innovation with the social issues of sustainable development and the Brittany’s local economy. This multidisciplinary project is a source of both technical innovation through the use of innovative processes allowing the extraction of natural bioactives (marine lipids), but also scientific in order to better understand the effects of nutrition on the prevention of cognitive decline related to aging and the mechanisms involved.

The VIPP project was launched by three companies, Abyss Ingredients, C-RIS Pharma, Capsularis, a technical center, IDMer, and a research unit, PROTIM (University of Rennes 1).

VIPP’s objective is to upgrade our stress management segment by researching and developing new premium marine bioactive peptides. Abyss Ingredients has already developed and marketed Petidyss® with stress relief activity. The project biologically aims to the identification and characterization of these new bioactive peptides to bring better powerful solutions for specific applications. This multidisciplinary project is also a source of both technical and scientific innovations, with the contribution of experts in such fields as proteomics, efficacy testing and micro-encapsulation.

Then, we also have some others ongoing projects that I will be happy to share with you if you want to know more about Abyss Ingredients activities. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Is Abyss Ingredients attendance at Vitafoods Europe a step forward?

Of course! Abyss Ingredients was one of the first companies present at Vitafoods and since then we had become a reference player in marine development and sourcing. Vitafoods is the most essential ingredient show for Abyss Ingredients and we are happy to be here this year to celebrate the event’s 15th anniversary and introduce our new team.

Moreover this is an opportunity for us to highlight our innovative ingredients, share about our ongoing projects and futures perspectives. We also expect to meet our customers but also new customers, scientists and partners, discuss with them about their needs, expectations and go back with further rich collaborations.

Abyss Ingredients has worked hard to introduce its new visual identity that truly reflects the company’s evolution and future at Vitafoods 2019.

Contact Elodie to learn more about Abyss Ingredients’ innovation!