Interview of Abyss Ingredients CEO

The CEO, Alexis Mehaignerie, speaks about Abyss ingredients new face ! The French marine biotech company makes a fresh start with a lot of projects in mind.

What are Abyss Ingredients news?

We start 2019 with new projects and exciting perspectives!

First we are very pleased to welcome GOCapital, and MerInvest (Banque Populaire Grand Ouest) investment funds, as our new Equity partners. These financial and strategic partners offered Abyss Ingredients the opportunity to strengthen its capital, and to invest heavily in Research, Science and Innovation

As today, we increase our human resources in R&D and Sales and Scientific Marketing, with the recruitment of new talented skills : 2 for R&D and 2 for Sales. Plus, one apprentice for production and one internship for Chinese market intelligence. These jobs’ creation contributes and leverage our competitive advantages for the coming year. Spread the word, Abyss hires its future talents!

Why did you upgrade your visual identity and communication tools?

Our strategy is clearly now about focusing and increasing our innovation capabilities. As such our new brand identity has to reflected this new ambition and our willingness and commitment for next few years, it was necessary to upgrade and aling our communication. 

That’s why we partnered with PepsWork, to rework on our corporate identity, and our visual design, through our new website too. We also upgraded our graphic charter, thanks to our team who is supporting this important step with a lots of energy and new ideas !

Logo Abyss Ingredients

Here is our new logo and brand design. It is deeply ingrained in our identity by its glaz colour which refers to Brittany. It combines the sky, the earth, and the sea. It symbolizes the territorial anchorage but also the “made in France” high quality. Moreover, it echoes the form of a water drop as our products come from marine ingredients. The center ball represents the treasure of the sea, like a pearl.  It refers to our high quality health ingredients.

Thus, the objective of all this evolution is to better leverage our positioning and to better promote our natural health products and solutions.

What are your ongoing projects?

We have two major priorities. 

The first one is to significantly boost our R&D and innovation plans in order to speed up the development of new products. 

The second priorities is to strengthen our commercial and sales forces for our French national market and for our international markets too. At the same time, thanks to our fruitful and close collaboration with Pepswork, we have now a clear scientific marketing strategy to deploy. 

The BrainBooster project for cognitive health

This collaborative research project aims is to boost cognitive health for seniors, more specifically to stimulate the memory capacity. This innovation is based on taking advantage of marine bioproducts in order to develop Innovative biocomplex ingredients (peptides and lipids synergies). Moreover, the objective is to delay negative ageing effects for humans. One of our partner is developing pet food applications too. 

The VIPP project for stress management

This second research project is also a collaborative one, as it gathers various expert players : Protim Inserm, C.Ris Pharma, IDMer and Capsularis.

VIPP project aims to upgrade our stress management offer by developing upgrade premium marine bioactive peptides ingredients

The collaborative partners work together through an innovative process thanks to the proteomique science and the development and implementation of activity tests. The second aim is the optimisation of the hydrolysis process and the creation of new encapsulation technics in order to reach better cynetics and a slower controlled release through digestion.

What are your next challenges?

Our challenge to very short term will be to implement this brand evolution during the next VitaFoods exhibition in Genève from the 7th to the 9th of May 2019, where we hope to impress and attract curiosity of our clients and prospects. We expect to meet there our actual clients but also our future ones, and to build together strong links for future short term and long term collaboration and partnership. 

As I said previously, our next challenge will be to launch with our partners the pending developed products from the VIPP and BrainBooster research projects

And we will continue to work strongly and to implement effectively our marketing strategy and tools.

You will soon discover or see our next initiatives but be patient… and stay connected to Abyss brand through our Linkedin page and our blog!